Anonymous: That anon totally embarrassed themselves omg

I agree haha

Anonymous: you're blog is bias you share too much of your own opinion and delete confessions you don't like, probs some lowlife 14 year old

No I don’t? There are so many confessions on here that I disagree with. I delete the ones that are too rude or offensive, have been said 194847377272 times before and ones that I know will cause a fight. Remember this is my blog and I don’t have to post the confessions that I know are just gonna cause trouble in the long run

Also the only time recently that I shared my own opinion on a confession was on that confession about ale’s red carpet style? The whole POINT of a confession blog is to share your opinions
Anonymous: To the anon complaining about Behati holding her wings, i remember Adam L. saying in an interview that they were really heavy and Behati was complaining after she wore them because her back was in pain for days. Maybe she was holding them to steady them and have a better walk!

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viva-fucking-vida: Why aren't there any redheads in vs?

You would have to ask VS that

musicfashion16: what do you think of barbara palvin, i don't think she should never become an angle

She is very pretty but also very overrated. I found her walk for VS to be boring

Anonymous: Do you have the link to the Dubai Irina shayk Adriana confession?

Anonymous: I'm not sure if you remember, but a confession was posted about Adriana and Irina in dubai where Adriana wore a knee length grey and white leopard print dress and Irina wore a midriff top with a too tight and too short skirt and I looked on google images to find a picture of Irina at the event but all I could find where pictures of Adriana and I was wondering if you have any pictures of Irina at the event?

I remember that confession but I’m not sure what the confessor was referring to either! Maybe it was from this? :

Anonymous: Do you think doutzen will walk this year?

Definitely! She is due to give birth around mid July so that gives her time to get back in shape for the show

I personally think she has one of the best!