Anonymous asked: For once let's take a breather from VS... how are you? I hope you're doing well and life is good :)

Aww this was nice of you! I’m doing good how about you? :)

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Anonymous asked: This isn't a confession but one of the confessions said "the vs model phase" and I was wondering what that is?

To this confessor:

I believe the confessor was just talking about a phase in their life when they kept up with vs models? 

Anonymous asked: hi! i'm a new confession blog and can you please post this message so people would know about me? thanks! it's "vs-angels-confessions"

Hi! Of course, everyone go check out their blog!

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Anonymous asked: What confessions have had the most notes? X

All confessions with 50+ notes are tagged here.  

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Anonymous asked: Who has the best bum? Candice?

Its all your personal opinion. I think Doutzen has the best bum.

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